Margaret Murchison: News

Margaret Bagley Murchison is a 1966 graduate of W. B. Wicker School, where, upon gradutation, returned to work as a Teacher’s Assistant. She began working with first graders, but moved on to middle school, working under Pevarice Blue and Almeta Howard. While working in the school system, she began taking classes at Central Carolina Community College, and in 1968, enrolled in the Library Program at Sandhills Community College New Careers Program. She worked a two year internship under Ruby Maxwell, Librarian at Lee Senior High School, and after graduation, was hired full-time. Read More.

Charlie Derek: Mornings

Before joining our station, Charlie was the top-rated morning personality on Florida’s Central Gulf Coast Adult Contemporary station WFSY-FM, Panama City for seven years. Prior to joining WFSY, Charlie spent four years as morning personality on highly-rated KQQL-FM, Minneapolis/St. Paul. From 1983-1989 Charlie did mornings for KRAV-FM, Tulsa. A fixture for many years in Tulsa radio, Charlie was also morning personality for KMOD-FM and spent three years doing mornings for legendary Country station KVOO. Charlie’s on-air success is attributed to his warm and friendly style. While some personalities attempt to humor listeners with off-color jokes, Charlie makes listeners smile by sharing funny, everyday situations. Charlie’s family-friendly morning show has broad appeal with Country listeners.


Darcy: Middays

Darcy started radio after the city morgue was converted into a radio station in San Angelo, Texas. Working her way across Texas at stations in Lubbock, Amarillo and Corpus Christi; she saved some money, packed a truck and drove it to Dallas to try the “big show”. A few months later she got the coveted overnight weekend slot at and wouldn’t stop until she became a producer, then a Today’s Best Country morning show co host and after all that hard work (and proof she’s a sucker for punishment) a show of her own. Middays are more than background noise cuz Darcy gets your listeners to pick up a phone, send a FaceBook message or e mail what they’re thinking, place an order in Darcy’s Diner, get goofy for prizes and have Happy Fun PartyTime. Need a last minute update? Not a problem!

On the side, Darcy looks to mud up her Jeep, find a trail to run, a road to cycle and spoil her two mutts, Moose and Einstein. If you want results, you want Darcy to do it.


Chaz Mixon: Afternoons

A 28 year vet of the radio biz, Chaz now spends afternoons with you playing your country favorites. Having worked with just about every type of music, Chaz has settled into his real favorite. Chaz has been with great stations through the years like The Zoo KZEW and KZPS along with trying his hand at smooth jazz on The Oasis in Dallas and Memories 96.7 plus various formats across the globe at Cumulus Media Networks. Chaz enjoys the internet and playing guitar along with keeping up with his two sons, Josh and Jeremy. It’s a no nonsense approach as Chaz gets to the goods afternoons on Today’s Best Country.