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Tim McGraw is spreading the gospel of the “Neon Church” in his first solo single for Columbia Nashville.

Ultimately, the superstar says the song’s message is one he couldn’t pass up.

“It’s tough to find a song that’s got this kind of drive and this power and this weight to it, that’s got such a great lyric,” he explains. “And then right off the bat, when you hear ‘I need Jesus or I need whiskey,’ you’re hooked into the song right away. And it only gets better from there.”

“It just felt really solid to me,” he adds. “And the track, sonically, is just something I really wanted to hear, [that] I wanted people to hear from me.”

Tim says both the single and his other new track, “Thought About You,” are representative of his new album, which will arrive in 2019.

“I think all of the songs have the same quality,” he reflects. “They’re very cinematic and they tell stories.”

But he admits it’s “Neon Church” that was designed to turn your head.

“This one just had a real powerful introduction to it, and the guitars are sick on it. I wanted to blow everybody away with the guitars,” Tim confesses.

This is Tim’s first new solo music since 2015’s Damn Country Music.

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