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Thursday in Lexington, Kentucky, Thomas Rhett continues his Life Changes Tour with Brett Young and Midland. But on Tuesday in Nashville, he took time to celebrate his two latest number ones at Hi-Fi Clyde’s.

TR revealed his most current chart topper, “Life Changes,” actually came along after he thought he’d finished his latest album.

“I thought I wanted to name the record something different, and Life Changes just kept popping back up,” he explains. “And people kept texting me, going ‘Dude, this song is really cool.'”

“And it just kinda overwhelmingly hit me,” he continues. “Like ‘Dude, this is the name of your album, this is the name of your tour. It’ll probably won’t ever be a single, but if it is, awesome.'”

“And then we put three [singles] out from this record,” TR recalls, “and then dropped ‘Life Changes,’ and it did what it did. And it was one of the most special songs of my career to me.”

Thomas Rhett says one of the most special parts was co-writing it with his dad, ACM Songwriter of the Year Rhett Akins.

“That was the coolest part,” TR reflects. “I mean me and Dad have written one other #1 song together, but this one was special because I got to tell that story through my eyes.”

“But he also got to contribute to that song by saying, ‘Well this is how I saw your life in college, and this is how I saw your life in these other areas as the years went by,'” he adds. “So it was really cool to get a perspective from your dad during the writing process.”

The party also commemorated Thomas’s previous #1, “Marry Me.” His new single, “Sixteen,” is from the new Deluxe edition of Life Changes.

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