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As Thomas Rhett‘s “Life Changes” assumes its place on top of the chart, the husband and father of two admits when he wrote the autobiographical tune, his life was morphing so rapidly he couldn’t help but express it in song.

As you may recall, TR and his wife Lauren had nearly reached the finish line in the long process of adopting their daughter Willa Gray from a Ugandan orphanage, when they discovered their first biological child, Ada James, was on the way.

“I think I just started to write more about my life in general, because I don’t think I’d ever experienced that many life-altering events in such a short span of time than over the last two years,” TR reminisces. “And so, you know, ‘Life Changes’ the song was actually written basically towards the end of the adoption process and about four months into Lauren being pregnant.”

“Life Changes” would go on to become the title track of Thomas’s latest platinum-selling album, but it’s not the only track that’s based on a true story.

“‘Life Changes’ and a song called ‘Sixteen’ were kinda written just about life and basically ripping pages out of a diary,” TR explains. “I don’t keep a diary, but if I did, those two songs would’ve been written out of that.”

“And I think ‘Life Changes’ was a pretty perfect title for a song and just for the name of this record, just to kinda describe what life has been over the last couple years,” he says.

“Life Changes” is TR’s twelfth career single to be certified gold. He resumes his Life Changes Tour September 13 in Bangor, Maine, with Brett Young and Midland opening the shows.

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