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Carrie Underwood‘s latest top-ten hit, “Cry Pretty,” is much more than just the title track from her debut album for Capitol Nashville that’s coming next month: The American Idol superstar sees the song she co-wrote as part therapy — and part mystery.

“I want people to be drawn into ‘Cry Pretty’ from the get-go,” she explains. “The first words of it are ‘I’m sorry,’ and I feel like those are words that are powerful.”

“They’re two little words,” Carrie continues, “but they kind of suck you in and I want people to be like, ‘Well, why are you sorry?’ and then kind of follow the rest of the musical journey that we go on.”

The expectant mother also hopes “Cry Pretty” can help her fans with whatever they’re facing in their lives.

“I want them to relate to it,” Carrie says. “I want them to be like, ‘Oh my gosh! This is me. Whatever I’m going through, I can relate to this.’ And then by the end of it, I want people to feel…that release.”

Carrie goes on: “I mean, the song just keeps getting bigger and bigger and it’s pretty rocking by the end. So I want people to listen to it and by the end, just feel like they’ve kind of gotten a little bit of an emotional release just by listening to the song.”

It’ll be a busy few months ahead for the CMA Female Vocalist of the Year, who most recently hit #1 with Keith Urban and “The Fighter.” Her Cry Pretty album drops September 14, before she returns to co-host the CMA Awards for the 11th time on November 14 with Brad Paisley. At some point, she’ll also deliver a younger sibling for her 3-year-old son, Isaiah.

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