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If you wonder how Florida Georgia Line‘s latest top ten hit came to be, the answer is “Simple,” just like the title of the song. It’s one of the many hits that have been born out of the duo’s tradition of bringing a bus filled with songwriters on tour, sponsored by their publishing company, Tree Vibez Music.

“It started on the Tree Vibez bus,” Tyler Hubbard explains, “which is a bus that we bring out on tour with us, with all our writers, about a year ago actually. We wrote that song a little over a year ago.”

Tyler says “Simple” came out of his and Brian Kelley‘s desire to reconnect with who they are at their core.

“It’s just been a special song,” Tyler reflects. “I think that day we were just trying to remind ourselves to get back to the basics of life a little bit, and keep things simple. You know, keep our priorities in line, and make sure we’re staying present and all that type of stuff.”

“Simple” serves as an important reminder for Tyler, since he became a father for the first time back in December, when his daughter Olivia was born.

“I just think it’s perfect timing for us,” he says, “and it feels like it couldn’t be more us right now.”

“I feel like the fans have really connected with it,” Tyler adds.  

“Simple” is the lead release from FGL’s forthcoming follow-up to Dig Your Roots. So far, we don’t know when exactly the full album will be released.

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