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In the video for his breakthrough hit, “All on Me,” Devin Dawson managed to turn the abandoned Tennessee State Prison into a romantic, black-and-white getaway for two.  Expect the new clip for his second single, “Asking for a Friend” — which comes out on Thursday — to be equally enigmatic.

“The concept is perfect,” the California native reveals, while being careful to guard the details. “It’s a really interesting way to tell all the sides of the different ways that he ‘asks for his friend,’ I’ll put it that way.”

“And it’s not just a video,” he continues. “I feel like these days you can’t just make a cool video. And with this one, it almost begs to be literal. It almost begs for him to just tell the story, right? And it is, in a way.”

If it works as planned, Devin warns the “Asking for a Friend” video may raise as many questions as it answers.

“You’ve got to make a video that makes people talk, or makes them share, or makes them scratch their head or whatever,” he explains. “You have to do something that makes people want to then post it or tell a friend or whatever. Otherwise, what’s the reason of putting a video out these days, you know?”

“So we’re definitely gonna do something that speaks to the idea of the song,” Devin goes on, “but still has a little talking point to it. And of course, it’s gonna be in black and white.”

You can watch a short snippet of the clip on Devin’s socials now, but check the usual outlets for the full video on Thursday. “Asking for a Friend” is the second release from Devin’s Dark Horse debut.

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