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If Chris Lane‘s sophomore effort, Laps Around the Sun, sounds a little bit like a Kenny Chesneyrecord, it’s not entirely by accident.

The North Carolina native admits part of his vision for his second album came from seeing the East Tennessee superstar in concert.

“Last year, I was out in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina watching Kenny…onstage,” Chris recalls. “I had just finished my show, and I got to watch as a fan AND as an artist this time around.”

“I grew up going to all of his concerts,” he explains, “And for me, the takeaway was, not only did he make me connect to what he was doing, he made everyone in that crowd connect to what he was doing.”

“And I kept saying, ‘Man, I want songs that do this, that tell a story or just have so much truth in ’em that people just relate to it.'”

Chris tells ABC Radio the authenticity he tapped into even translated into how he recorded the album itself.

“We went into the studio this time around, [and] did it much differently, just took an organic approach and did it full-band, live,” he says. “And I’d never done it that way before. It’s always been one instrument at a time. And I think it gave more of an organic sound.”

Now, the “Take Back Home Girl” hitmaker is anxious to take Laps Around the Sun to the stage: “It’s gonna be a lot of fun playing these songs live. I can’t wait, because it’s gonna add an extra energy to my show, once I can get some of these songs in my live set.”  

On Saturday, Chris will have that chance, as he plays California’s Del Mar Fairgrounds. Laps Around the Sun is out today.

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