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Along with Christmas, Brett Eldredge says Independence Day is one of his most-anticipated occasions of the entire year.

“Fourth of July has always been one of my…favorite holidays,” he recalls. “I mean, I grew up on a lake, so Fourth of Julys for me growing up were tons of boats in this little tiny lake in Paris, Illinois.”

As you might expect, Brett admits he usually got into some mischief on the Fourth.

“I’d be water-skiing, knee-boarding and jet-skiing, shooting off fireworks in dangerous ways I shouldn’t have…” he confesses. “I was just being a kid. I mean, those are the best times of your life, finding out who you are.”

Even now, celebrating America’s birthday puts the “Love Someone” singer in a sentimental mood.

“The nostalgia of the Fourth of July,” Brett reflects, “and just the feeling I get when that day comes around…I’m a very patriotic guy as it is, and so I think that’s just really a pretty amazing…special day.”

He continues: “I have a lot of great Fourth of July memories. I’m trying to remember where I was last year…” 

He laughs, “I have a lot of great memories. Except last year, I don’t remember where I was!”

As recently as last Monday, Brett was still deciding where he’d celebrate the Fourth. By Thursday, he had his passport out and was preparing to travel, though he didn’t reveal his destination on social media.

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