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One of Devin Dawson‘s highlights from last year was getting to play his first arena — in his hometown — while opening for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

Now, things are getting even better for the California native as he heads out with the superstar couple on the latest leg of their Soul2Soul tour.

“I guess it means I did something right…” Devin reflects. “We played about five dates with them last year, and they’ve asked us out for a lot [more] on this summer run.”

“We are playing Sacramento again,” he points out, “which is really cool, because I think that might be one of the only ones that they’re going back to. And maybe that’s because it’s my hometown — probably not, probably has nothing to do with me,” he smiles.

The “All on Me” hitmaker is thankful for the vote of confidence from Tim and Faith.

“It is… a little affirmation, when legends like that, that you grew up listening to, want to put you on…” Devin says. “Because that’s their brand. Everything they have is on the line, depending on who opens the night for them. And it’s my job to get the crowd in a place for them to put on the best show too…”

This year, the “Asking for a Friend” singer is expanding his set-up.

“Last year, we did three-piece acoustic,” he explains. “This year, we will be full-band. So it’s gonna be cool to be able to work the stage a little bit more, and get myself out of my comfort zone, learn more from them, and work out with Tim every day.”

This weekend, Tim, Faith and Devin play Springfield, Missouri and Des Moines, Iowa. Devin’s on every date, until the tour wraps July 22 in Sacramento.

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