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You might think someone who tours the world for a living would prefer to stay at home when they’re not working. But that’s not the case for Brett Eldredge.

“I love to go on adventures…” Brett reveals, admitting he posts less about his travels on social media these days.

“I used to always be sharing every aspect of it, as [it] was going on. But then I figured out that I wasn’t living just in that moment,” he explains. “So I try to capture those moments, but also kind of just shut everything down and just go.”

It’s become “The Long Way” hitmaker’s way to re-charge when he’s not on tour.

“…I give every single bit of myself when I’m on that stage and when I’m on the road, to the point to where I get exhausted in some ways, and want to go re-inspire,” Brett shares. “So I kinda go to places that I can kind of just exist and disappear.”

His latest travels took him to Europe.

“…I went to Amsterdam, Berlin, and Switzerland — not for work, just to go,” Brett clarifies. “Not to play any shows, nothing. And I feel like I grow as a person and I get just another view on life and music and really just find.. myself.”

So what’s his top destination so far?

“Switzerland really is my favorite place,” he answers. “If anybody was like, ‘I want to go somewhere. I’m trying to find the bucket list place to go.’ I’ve been a lot of places. So far, Switzerland by far has been my favorite.”

Brett’s currently busy planning the video for his new single, “Love Someone,” before he kicks off the second leg of his The Long Way Tour in the fall.

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