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Little Big Town’s new hit is called “Summer Fever,” but the CMA-winning group’s kids seem to have caught showbiz fever.

Little Big Kids is the on-again, off-again band formed by three LBT offspring: Karen Fairchild and Jimi Westbrook’s 8-year-old, ElijahKimberly Schlapman’s 10-year-old, Daisy; and Phillip Sweet’s daughter Penelopi, who’s also ten.

So is Little Big Kids really a thing?

“That is self-proclaimed,” Jimi says, as the foursome breaks into big smiles.

“In their minds, it is!” Kimberly chimes in.

“They have named themselves…” Jimi explains.

“We made ’em a shirt,” Kimberly adds. “They kinda go in and out of having a band. You know how kids are. They have these grandiose ideas.”

Phillip believes Little Big Kids may only be waiting on Kimberly’s toddler Dolly to join the band.

“Dolly’s gonna bring ’em all back together when she’s able to sing,” he offers.

“Sometimes they get up onstage and floss-dance…” Karen says of the kids’ participation in their parents’ set.

“They made their own tour laminates that said LBK on ’em…” she goes on. “And then they gave the crew tickets to come to their show. And they made the entire crew get on the bus, and they performed. And they had to have their passes and their tickets to get on.”

Kimberly only sees one hangup with the next generation’s success.

“The problem is they don’t think they ever have to rehearse,” she says. “So when you get to their shows, they really don’t know what they’re doing.”

“It’s more about the grand idea…” Jimi agrees.

“Baby country, it’s a new genre!” Phillip jokes.

Little Big Kids next shot at furthering their career could come next month, as their parents head out on the Bandwagon Tour with Miranda Lambert.

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