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Darius Rucker was Jimmy Fallon‘s musical guest on Thursday’s The Tonight Show and also joined host Jimmy in a tribute to our armed forces in honor of the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.

Thursday’s Tonight Show audience was made up entirely of service men and women in town for New York City’s annual Fleet Week. So Jimmy and Darius performed a special version of Rucker’s 1994 hit with Hootie & the Blowfish, “Only Wanna Be with You,” reworked as “Only Wanna Thank the Troops.”

“Army, Coast Guard, Air Force and Marines/Here’s to the Navy/For protecting all our seas,” Rucker began.

“You serve with bravery/you serve with style/You serve with six pack abs/I can barely walk a mile,” Jimmy continued.

The two then joined each other for the chorus, “Well we owe it all to you/I only want to thank the troops.”

The song went on to suggest things like passing “a law that says our troops can drink for free,” as well as “letting loose in New York” and hoping “when your captain pukes you get it all on tape.”

Finally, they warned the soldiers not to “get a bad tattoo.”

Darius returned later to perform “For the First Time,” the latest single from his album, When Was the Last Time.


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