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Chances are, anytime you’ve seen Luke Combs, he was likely wearing a black PFG shirt made by Columbia Sportswear. The shirt’s become such a part of the “Hurricane” hitmaker’s identity, there’s even one in the Country Music Hall of Fame in the American Currents exhibit. Now, Luke has a new partnership with the company.

PFG stands for Performance Fishing Gear, but for Luke, it’s become his go-to stage wear.

“I have always loved my PFG shirts, all the way back to high school,” the North Carolina native recalls. “When I started to play the club runs early on, the rooms were so hot, and I wanted to be as comfortable as possible for the 90 minutes we were playing. The only shirt I owned that could do that was the PFG…”

You can see Luke wearing the shirts for their intended purpose in a new video that’s part of his new deal with Columbia Sportswear. In the clip, Luke and his buddies go on a deep sea fishing expedition in Los Barriles, Mexico, and bring home an impressive 75-pound tuna.

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