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We’re learning more about the serious fall that left Carrie Underwood with a broken wrist and close to fifty stitches on her face, thanks to a new People article.

The accident happened last November when Carrie was taking her dogs out at night. She tripped, missing one of the steps outside her home, but didn’t let go of the dogs’ leashes.  As a result, she suffered a broken right wrist and injuries near her mouth.

A source close to Carrie tells People she looks “gorgeous in person” — and on TV as well, as anyone who saw her performance of “Cry Pretty” on the ACM Awards can attest to.

“You honestly couldn’t see any scarring even up close,” the source goes on. “She had extensive reconstruction done around her mouth area and lips, but the doctors did a really great job, obviously.”

The American Idol winner is busy putting the finishing touches on her new album — also titled Cry Pretty — which comes out September 14.

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