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Port Saint Joe, the sophomore record from Brothers Osborne, arrives on 4/20, and it’s not exactly a coincidence that Friday’s date is also considered the unofficial holiday of pot smokers. After all, the project features a song called “Weed, Whiskey and Willie.”  On Saturday, a special Record Store Day edition of the album is released on colored vinyl that reinforces that theme.

“We love supporting independent record stores,” TJ says. “And we made a…vinyl release that’s unique for Record Store Day that will be green. Tip of the hat to it being right around 4/20 when it comes out!”

While the majority of fans may experience the record digitally, TJ says Port Saint Joe was made for the turntable. The first four songs — “Slow Your Roll,” the single “Shoot Me Straight,” “I Don’t Remember Me (Before You)” and “Weed…” — flow seamlessly into each other.

“The way we made this record, I think, is perfect for vinyl, in the sense that the songs kind of just go one to the other,”  TJ tells ABC Radio.

“We wanted to make a record that you would want to listen to from front to back,” he explains, “and the first four songs are one, non-stop stream of music. There’s not a ‘And, done. And start the next one.’…We wanted that to be something you’d put on from track #1 and play all the way to track #10.”

Port Saint Joe is named for the Florida town where it was recorded, and while it’s certainly not a beach record, the disc will give you a little taste of the ocean sonically.

“The A side starts with waves and ends with waves,” John says.

“Yeah, which is kinda cool,” TJ agrees. “Like, waves that we actually tracked there at Port Saint Joe.”

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