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Michael Ray stands in the foreground on the cover of his new album, Amos, with a framed picture of his grandfather — who inspired the album’s title — behind him. The photo sits on a chest of drawers, along with what appears to be a bible, a watch, an ashtray and a coffee cup.

The Florida native named his sophomore effort after the man who led his family’s band and helped inspire his love for country music. Amos died a couple of months before Michael made his Grand Ole Opry debut.

The 11-track album includes tunes written by members of Old Dominion and newcomer Travis Denning, as well as Michael’s current  top-20 hit, “Get to You.”

The first track on the record, “Fan Girl,” is available to stream or download now.

“For months we have been playing these songs on the road and we start most every show with ‘Fan Girl,’” Michael explains, “so it was time to put this song in their hands.”

“The lyrics, ‘You give me that front row feeling/Screaming with my hands up/Walk in the room and everybody stands up,’ create such a powerful visual,” he goes on. “That — equated to how you feel about a girl — is a perspective I had not heard before, yet I know exactly what that feeling is.”

Here’s the complete track listing for Amos, which arrives June 1:

“Fan Girl”
“One That Got Away”
“Summer Water”
“Get to You”
“Forget About It”
“Her World or Mine”
“You’re On”
“I’m Gonna Miss You”
“Dancing Forever”
“Girl from Spring Break”
“Drink One for Me”

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