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The cover of the new Sugarland album has been revealed, and it seems like Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush are continuing with their tradition of not appearing on their album art.

Over the course of six records, the duo has appeared on the cover of only one: 2009’s concert album, Live on the Inside. For the new album, BiggerSugarland’s logo is once again front-and-center, superimposed over large black letters that spell out the project’s title. A red-and-white striped background invokes a “big top” vibe.

Fans unlocked the new cover by playing the duo’s latest hit, “Still the Same,” on Spotify. Once streams reached a certain threshold, the art was unveiled. Bigger comes out June 8.

Sugarland isn’t the only country act to consciously avoid appearing on its covers. Most recently, Old Dominion doesn’t appear on the cover of either of their two albums.


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