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Cam not only performed her new song, “Diane,” on Good Morning America on Tuesday, she also got quite a surprise.

The California native wrote her new single as a reaction to Dolly Parton’s classic, “Jolene,” imagining that “Diane” was the wife in the love triangle, and Jolene didn’t realize she was dealing with a married man.

So what does Dolly think of Cam’s addition to her story?

“You did good on that,” the entertainment icon said in a pre-recorded clip that rolled prior to Cam’s GMA performance.

“I was, like, in such shock,” Cam told ABC Radio just moments later. “I can’t even tell you what she said to me. I just had my mouth open just staring at the screen. And then I look over and Doug, my guitarist, has his mouth open looking at the screen. I’m like ‘Oh gosh, here we are, a couple of dumb-looking kids!'”

But it turns out this isn’t the first time Cam’s heard from Dolly since releasing “Diane.”

“I had sent her the song,” Cam explains, “along with a dozen yellow roses — because both of us love yellow roses — and she sent me a note, a sweet note, just thanking me and [telling me] how much she loved the song. And that was really sweet.”

“And she was running around doing press circuits…” Cam adds, as she realizes how everything came together, “So she was here, and she recorded this sweet message!”  

All in all, it was a pretty exciting morning for the “Burning House” hitmaker.  “Being real chill about my billboards in Times Square,” Cam shared on Instagram, along with a photo of her beaming and pointing to the ads.

You can check out Cam’s appearance on Good Morning America — along with the cameo from Dolly — at ABCNews.Go.com.

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