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This week in Nashville, Kacey Musgraves previewed her new album, Golden Hour, by inviting industry insiders to watch a special show at Adventure Science Center. At the center’s planetarium, images were projected onto the dome which tied into the themes of the new music — fitting, since Kacey believes she had plenty of help from the universe while making her fourth record.

“It was on August 21st, which is my birthday,” she explains, “and there we were in the very middle of making this album and the total solar eclipse happened in Nashville… It just felt like this cosmic event that everyone was paying attention to.”

She adds, “It kind of stopped time and cast a really beautiful light on Nashville itself on my birthday, my 29th year, which is kind of the golden hour of my young adult life.”

Another one of those moments happened the day she wrote the track “Wonder Woman.”

“It was literally golden hour,” Kacey recalls. “It was sunset and the Nashville skyline looked so beautiful, and as I was driving and listening to ‘Wonder Woman,’ a random stray balloon out of nowhere floats up above my windshield and into the sky and it was literally a metallic, star-shaped balloon that was red, white and blue — very, very Wonder Woman-ish, and I just had to kind of smile to myself.”

Kacey’s fourth album, Golden Hour, is available in stores and online today.

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