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According to Chris Janson, when it comes to number ones, success is definitely sweeter the second time around.

After hitting #1 with “Buy Me a Boat,” Janson admits life got so hectic that he might have never managed to do it again. Thankfully, songwriters Ashley Gorley and Chris DuBois invited him to collaborate on “Fix a Drink.”

“It feels better,” the singer says of his second #1, “because that just means I was fortunate enough to keep the ball in the air, and I had great people who believed.”

“To be frankly honest with you,” Janson explains, “I take a lot of pride in being an artist/songwriter. But I had no idea how busy artists got when they got success. It only gets better. And it gets busier, which is a great thing. But you find less time to do the most important things, which is make the song.”

That’s why he gives so much credit to Ashley and Chris.

“If if weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be here,” says Janson. “I’m grateful that people cared enough to take the time to do that with me, and it meant a lot.”

Janson and DuBois teamed up to “make” Janson’s breakthrough hit, “Buy Me a Boat.” They celebrated his second #1, “Fix a Drink,” with a party this week at BMI in Nashville.

Later this month, on Tuesday, March 20, Chris Janson will mark another milestone, as he’s inducted into the Grand Ole Opry.

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