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Newcomer Devin Dawson has his first top-five hit with “All on Me,” and the Dark Horse music maker says he never had any doubt about what should be his debut single.

“I feel like that was the song I knew I wanted to put out first,” he tells ABC Radio. “That’s what I wanted people to hear first from me.”

“I probably wrote it about a year and a half, two years ago, at this point,” Devin says of “All on Me.” “It was literally just a random Sunday. One of my best friends and guitar player, Austin Taylor Smith, we had like a weekly, Sunday afternoon writing schedule.”

Devin’s so passionate about his music, he refuses to take a break.

“I write songs every single day,” he admits. “Like that is my obsession, that’s my addiction. My publisher used to get mad at me because I would write on weekends too. And he’d always be like, ‘You need to take a break on the weekends! You need to replenish your juice!’ you know.”

“But I just, I need to. When I’m inspired, I don’t want to push it down. I just want to keep it going.”  

So far, Devin’s dedication is paying off. “All on Me” is currently at #4, with a serious shot at becoming his first #1.

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