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Canadian duo High Valley officially has their biggest U.S. hit so far, as “She’s with Me” is just one spot away from country’s top ten.

Last March, brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel made it to #16 with “Make You Mine,” the first release from their Dear Life album. But “She’s with Me” has always been a fan favorite.

“Picking a single is tough,” Curtis explains, “because we’re proud of all the music that we’ve recorded. And we don’t record music unless we are proud of it, you know. We did see a lot of reaction to ‘She’s with Me’ before we released it as a single, and we could definitely tell that people were fired up about it ahead of time.”

Brad, on the other hand, says High Valley’s goals go beyond just having hit songs.

“For us, singles [are] just one way of getting people to come and see the live show or buy the record…” he tells ABC Radio. “We never started a band saying, ‘I really hope we have one song that people like,’ you know. But you have to pick what song is gonna do the best job of convincing people to want to know more about the band.”

“And whether they love ‘Make You Mine’ and ‘She’s with Me’ or not,” Brad continues, “that’s not gonna be what they go home talking about is one song or two songs. We’ll have to give ’em a show, and we’re pumped at the challenge, and we’re up for it.”  

Next month, High Valley extends their fan base even farther, as they take their live show to Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Australia — all within less than a ten-day stretch.

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