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Granger Smith returns with new music on October 27 with the release of When the Good Guys Win.

The singer/songwriter co-wrote nine of the album’s 14 tracks and served as producer, alongside Frank Rogers and Derek Wells.

Most of the new album was written on the road. Granger set up a mobile studio in the back of his bus, where he wrote, edited and recorded the music. He says he sang all the lead vocals at home in Texas and did a lot of file sharing back and forth with his co-producers.

“With the album evolving this way on the road, country fairs, parking lots, green rooms and hotel lobbies, it truly reflects the source of the inspiration: the fans,” Granger says in a statement. “Without knowing it, my fans were involved in every step of this project and I believe they will hear that through the music. Looking back, I don’t think there could have been a better way to do it.” 

The Texas native says he hopes the music takes listeners “on a ride through peaks and valleys, from lighthearted to painfully honest and then back out again.”

Here’s the complete track listing for Granger Smith’s When The Good Guys Win:

“Gimme Something”
“You’re In It”
“Raise Up Your Glass” 
“Happens Like That” 
“Still Holds Up” 
“When The Good Guys Win” 
“Everybody Lives” 
“Never Too Old” ” 
Love Ain’t Blind” 
“4 Wheel Drive” 
“Reppin’ My Roots” 
“Don’t Tread On Me”(ft. Earl Dibbles Jr) 
“Home Cooked Meal”

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