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Chris Janson‘s new album, Everybody, doesn’t drop until September 22, but that’s not stopping the singer from sharing the stories behind some of the project’s songs.

The singer co-wrote “Eyes For Nobody,” a song that embodies simple sentiments of life and love, with Nashville hit maker Jeremy Stover.

“I was having a conversation with my co-writer about our wives and I happened to say, ‘Well, I’ve got eyes for nobody but her,’” Chris recalls. “That’s where the title came from.”

Another song, “Out There,” Chris wrote with Corey Crowder and says that it’s a dream big song. “Basically, the message is if you dream big and you really believe, you can get it,” he asserts.

Chris also teamed up with Rhett Akins and Ben Hayslip for party song “Our World.” He hints that it will be a highlight in the live setting.

“It’s a festival song, it’s for people who are tailgating, camping, loving college football — whatever they like to do. Friday, that’s when the party begins. Saturday, it’s nothing but pigskin. Sunday, nothing but preaching in our world,” he explains. “I thought that was a very fitting song because it’s so true.”

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