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Lee Ann Womack has never been happier. The singer has announced her new record, The Lonely, the Lonesome & the Gone, will be available on October 27 and she says it’s a hopeful project.

Lee Ann tells Noisey that the soulfulness present in East Texas — the album was recorded at SugarHill Studios — makes its way onto her album. She adds that the project is not a return to her roots or a switch in her sound, it’s simply “what I’ve always done.”

The singer wrote most of the album while on the road and it will be her first release via ATO Records. She says things are very different for her now that she’s on an independent label.

I’ve never been happier,” she tells Noisey. “I was a traditional country singer from East Texas who wanted to do that music, and was on a major label where they needed it to be a certain thing to fit on radio, ’cause that’s the only way they have of selling records. And I get that, and I wanted to honor that, but I was just never that happy . . . it was exhausting. [Now] it’s just really fun. I get to be around artists that I really admire — I just did a tour with Patty Griffin! I really feel a lot better than I used to.”

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