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America celebrates Labor Day this weekend, and the holiday is another chance for country stars like Lady Antebellum to be thankful that they get to do what they love.

Most of today’s hitmakers had other jobs before they found success on Nashville’s Music Row. But Hillary Scott was a little different, since her mother, Grammy winner Linda Davis, was already in the business.  That’s why her best and worst job outside of music was one and the same.

“Well, I started working on a career in music when I was sixteen. So both answers to that question is babysitting,” Hillary reveals.

As for Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood, they both grew up in Augusta, Georgia, and routinely scored a pretty sweet gig:  working at the Masters golf tournament.

“I mean, [my] best [job growing up] would be working at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia,” Dave remembers, “selling sandwiches and then you got to walk the tournament on Sunday, which was awesome.”

But it’s a good thing Lady A came along, because if it hadn’t, he’d probably still be crunching numbers.

“I was an accountant for two years,” he recalls. “So, living in spreadsheets, numbers, on your laptop, you know, 18 hours a day. So probably the worst [job I had] was that.”

Meanwhile, Charles’ least-favorite job was tearing out asbestos as he renovated houses with his older brother.

But back to Hillary — in addition to babysitting, she recalls that she could have had a job at Target, if she hadn’t been so irresponsible.

“I think I never showed up for the interview,” she admits, laughing. “I love Target!… Anybody who ever applies for a job, show up for your interview. Don’t do like I did.”

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