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So what’s Shania Twain’s beef with Brad Pitt?

That’s been the question for two decades, since the Canadian country/pop superstar famously name-checked the actor in her 1997 smash, “That Don’t Impress Me Much.”

Shania’s never opened up about the inspiration for dropping the heartthrob’s name, until now.

“OK, so you’re Brad Pitt?” she says on her Come on Over record. “That don’t impress me much.”

It turns out Shania and a girlfriend happened to be baking some Christmas cookies back in the day, when they caught a glimpse of the notorious paparazzi pictures of Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow in the nude. The song simply came out of her reaction.

“I’m like, well that don’t impress me much, I mean what is all the fuss,” she told Billboard during a recent Q&A event in New York City. “We see people naked every day. That’s what I really thought.”

“I wasn’t picking on Brad Pitt,” Shania clarifies.  

She is, however, picking on her ex-husband and former musical collaborator, Mutt Lange, in “Life’s About to Get Good,” the lead single from her forthcoming album, NOW.  We can expect to hear more when Shania’s confessional comes out September 29.

You can watch Shania’s full explanation about Brad Pitt at Billboard.com.

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