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(GRANITE FALLS, N.C.) — North Carolina Highway Patrol are searching for a group of motorcyclists who recorded themselves jumping a partially collapsed bridge in Caldwell County, North Carolina.

As seen in the video, they were riding dirt bikes and launched themselves over the bridge’s 60-foot gap via a plywood ramp.

The bridge, located in Granite Falls, North Carolina, collapsed in mid-May.

According to ABC affiliate WSOC-TV, the bridge was built in 1942. The bridge collapsed because damaged pylons finally gave out, causing part of the bridge to fall into Old Mill Pond.

After the collapse, the North Carolina Department of Transportation said it would take about eight months to replace the bridge.

In the meantime, some thrill-seekers decided to capitalize on the opportunity and turn the bridge into a stunt space.

“These two gentlemen are lucky,” Trooper TA Rathbone with the North Carolina Highway Patrol told WSOC. “If they would have miscalculated anything they could have been hurt or killed.”

After seeing the video, the NCDOT bolted concrete barriers to the bridge to prevent this from happening again.

Investigators told ABC News the bikers, if found, could be charged with operating the bikes on a closed road which is a misdemeanor, which typically carries a fine as a punishment.

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