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(HARRISBURG, Pa.) — President Donald Trump’ supporters attended a rally with the president in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to celebrate the first 100 days of an administration that they believe is off to a solid start and urge critics to give him more time and help.

One such supporter, Valerie Schaeffer, told ABC News that “all of the executive orders that he’s managed to get signed” were one of the achievements she was happiest with.

She said that she is “disappointed that some of Congress isn’t working with him, but he’s still plugging on and going ahead and I think he’s doing great.”

Another supporter at the rally, who did not share his name, reiterated that sentiment.

“There are fundamental things he couldn’t achieve but let’s face it: the Democrats are determined to just shoot him down at every angle. In the face of all the opposition he has achieved a tremendous amount,” the man said.

Supporter Heather Frampton said that the blame shouldn’t be limited to Democrats.

“The thing I’m not excited about is everything that he’s trying to do where it’s sluggish, it’s sluggish not just by the Democratic party but the Republican party,” Frampton said. “He needs them behind him. United we stand, divided we fall, and if America cannot come together and join in unity we are never going to be making America great again.”

The atmosphere at tonight’s rally was reminiscent of earlier campaign rallies well before Trump won the election, with familiar chants and even some of the same music.

For supporter Brian Flook, Trump needs to be allowed some more time to fulfill more of those campaign promises that he touted both in the leadup to the election and through these first 100 days of his term.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day and you can’t fix the problems in 100. He’s just getting started,” Flook said.

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