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(Clarksville, Ind.) — A wild goose chase in Indiana involving law enforcement involved an actual goose.

Video released by the police department in Clarksville, Indiana, shows a detective strolling back to his office on Thursday when his feathers were ruffled by a Canada Goose.

The vigilant goose can be seen flapping its wings while in flight, directing its aim at the head of the detective.

Speaking to ABC affiliate WHAS in Louisville, Kentucky, lead birdkeeper at the Louisville Zoo, Craik Mikel, said the large waterfowl was protecting its nest when the detective made his approach.

Mikel described the technique captured on video as “wing slapping.”

WILD GOOSE CHASE: A Clarksville, Indiana police officer is seen on video fending off a goose! pic.twitter.com/ADmrqz73VI

— ABC World News Now (@abcWNN) April 17, 2017

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