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(NEW YORK) —  Freezing temperatures hit much of the Northeast this weekend, and a blizzard is expected to sweep through New York and Boston on Monday in what could possibly be the region’s biggest snowstorm of the season.

Meanwhile, the unseasonable drop in temperature has been mixed with sharp winds that are turning houses to ice.

An image of a New York house that had been turned into what looks like a block of solid ice on the banks of Lake Ontario was posted on the Facebook page of John Kucko Digital.

Snow and freezing temperatures also hit the South over the last few days, and Arkansas received between four and five inches of snow.

@ABC @Ginger_Zee @Wx_Max @ABonTV @RobMarciano A SNOW covered day in Charlotte this morning @SNOWGOUSA #WinterReturns pic.twitter.com/aeaVdjcWod

— SNOWGO (@SNOWGOUSA) March 12, 2017

One to three inches of snow fell in parts of Tennessee and produced travel delays and driving accidents throughout the state.

The Southeast has received wild vacillations of weather in recent weeks. Warm streaks experienced throughout February caused plants to blossom early this year, but the sharp drop in temperatures caused the early risers to be frosted over with ice and snow.

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