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 These days, things are pretty good for Jon Pardi. He just got his first ACM nomination, and “Dirt on My Boots” is on track to follow in the chart-topping success of his first #1, “Head over Boots.”

What’s even more gratifying is that fans are turning out early to see him open Dierks Bentley‘s What the Hell Tour.

“It’s been really cool to watch that,” Jon says. “Of course, Nashville was really full, and Dierks was above the moon. He was like, ‘Man it’s full here!’”

Fellow performer Chase Rice put it into perspective for Jon after attending the opening weekend show in Music City.

“He was like, ‘Man, I had the same slot with Kenny Chesney and this arena was half empty. They’re all here to see you.’ He was like, ‘That’s awesome, dude!’”

Most of all, Jon says he’s thankful to his fans for making the extra effort that means he doesn’t have to sing to empty auditoriums.

“We played South Dakota, and there might have been like 200 seats open when I was playing, into like a big arena,” he recalls. “So it’s pretty cool that fans are coming out early and that means like leaving early, getting to the venue on time, you know, finding your seats. So it’s really cool,” he adds.  

Jon’s next date with Dierks is April 21 in Lethbridge, Canada.

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