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(NEW YORK) —  Raveesh Kumra, a millionaire and well-known property owner in Monte Sereno, California, was found murdered in his home in 2012.

Police said it appeared Kumra had died of asphyxiation during a home invasion, in which his assailants gagged him with packaging tape and then made off with valuables.

Forensic experts found DNA on his fingernails that they linked back to 26-year-old Lukis Anderson. He was arrested and spent five months in jail.

There was only one problem: Anderson had an airtight alibi. At the time of the murder, he was in the hospital being treated for severe intoxication.

“Because of his high intoxication level, he was on 15-minute watch by nurses and doctors, so there was no time gap of when Lukis would have been able to commit the homicide,” said his attorney, Santa Clara Deputy Public Defender Kelley Kulick.

Kulick said it was later determined that the same paramedics who had been called to take away Kumra’s body had also transported Anderson to the hospital, which Kulick said led to a transfer of “touch DNA.”

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