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(REDDING, Calif.) — The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed new information about Sherri Papini’s condition following her alleged kidnapping.

Keith Papini told ABC News in an exclusive statement that his wife’s face was “covered in bruises ranging from yellow to black because of repeated beatings.” He added that the bridge of her nose was broken and her signature blonde hair had been chopped off.

“I was familiar with those details,” Sheriff Tom Bosenko said Tuesday morning on ABC’s Good Morning America. “We had not released them yet to the public.”

Papini who was found alive on Thanksgiving, three weeks after her apparent abduction.

Authorities are hunting for the alleged kidnappers, who Papini said dropped her off 150 miles from her California home on Nov. 24. The 34-year-old was able to flag down help even though she was bound with restraints.

Bosenko said investigators spoke with Papini again Monday about her ordeal.

“Our investigators did an interview yesterday with her, a follow-up interview from Thanksgiving day,” he said. “They spoke to her for several hours and then late afternoon, early evening they were going over her interview and planned to interview her again today.”

Keith Papini told GMA exclusively that he was grateful to thousands of people who have reached out to his family during what he called “this torturous journey.” He also addressed online comments that his wife’s kidnapping may be a hoax.

But Bosenko said police have no reason to doubt Papini’s story.

“So far we are investigating this as a kidnapping-abduction and everything that she is providing us thus far is indicating that,” he said.

“We currently don’t have a known motive or reason for this abduction,” Bosenko added. “We don’t know if it was targeted to her specifically, or a random abduction.”

Bosenko confirmed reports that negative comments about Hispanics were posted online under Papini’s maiden name. Bosenko did not explain where these comments were posted or what exactly was said.

“This is a definitely a unique occurrence,” Bosenko said. “Our investigators are still actively working the case as they have been since Nov. 2.”

Based on Papini’s description of her apparent captors, Bosenko said authorities are searching for two Hispanic female adults driving an SUV.

“And that’s all that we have regarding the description,” he said. “We hope to have a little more later today.”

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