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(ORLANDO, Fla.) — A bald eagle was filmed in Florida on Thursday protecting another injured bald eagle, shielding it from the animal rescue workers that were attempting to help it.

The loyal eagle was seen hovering over its companion as it lay on a storm drain in Orlando. But rescuers startled the healthy eagle as they approached the pair, and the momentum from its sudden flight caused the injured bird to fall into the drain.

Here’s the moment one bald eagle flew away while the other fell into the storm drain on a busy road in Orlando. #WFTV pic.twitter.com/mR6jo1x2ni

— Lauren Seabrook (@LSeabrookWFTV) November 10, 2016

Portions of the road were closed as crews worked to retrieve the eagle from the drain, and ABC’s Orlando affiliate WFTV broadcast the rescue live on Facebook for the entirety of the ordeal.

The eagle was eventually rescued after being stuck for about 90 minutes, WFTV reported. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which assisted in the rescue, did not release details on the eagle’s condition.

The 2nd bald eagle has been rescued from the storm drain! #WFTV pic.twitter.com/BSps4yoHam

— Lauren Seabrook (@LSeabrookWFTV) November 10, 2016

Video shows the eagle attempting to flap its wings as workers pull it from the drain. Dozens of people gathered at the scene to witness the rescue, while millions more watched saw it on Facebook.

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