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(LOS ANGELES) — Concerns that Southern California could in the next few days get hit by a massive earthquake, the so-called “big one,” has been met with dark humor by some on social media.

The Governor’s Office of Emergency Services asked Southern California residents to remain on heightened alert until Tuesday for the increased possibility of a major earthquake along the San Andreas fault.

Some people responded to the heightened alert with memes under the #EarthquakeAdvisory hashtag on Twitter.

When you make jokes about the earthquake, but low-key think you might die pic.twitter.com/0W7PyoVO8w

— Yaactober🍂 (@IFandomaniac) October 1, 2016


#EarthquakeAdvisory me booking my flight to Canada pic.twitter.com/sdANP5jT5R

— eerie j (@Jewelzz_713) October 1, 2016


When you live in California and see #EarthquakeAdvisory trending pic.twitter.com/ge43grGE0H

— N810.nhek (@Eat_My_Natedog) October 1, 2016

#EarthquakeAdvisory? Lol I’m really looking at my dog waiting for him to give me a sign like pic.twitter.com/TlhiudSzlF

— geo (@geohiguerosdoe) October 1, 2016

Scientists estimate the probability of a quake with a magnitude of 7.0 or higher on the southern San Andreas fault to be as high as 1 in 100 and as low as 1 in 3,000.

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