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(FREEDOM, Okla.) — An Oklahoma man who was trapped inside a construction machine was rescued just in time as wildfires began to surround him.

Jason Perks was driving a giant road grader when it suddenly became stuck in a ditch, and he was overcome by a blaze.

That’s when husband and wife storm-chasers Amy and Val Castor came to Perks’ aid.

“I was just hoping not to burn up,” Perks said during a phone call with Good Morning America. “I didn’t really have time to be too scared…was trying to save the house, which I think we did.”

The terrifying ordeal was captured on film in Oklahoma City.

Not only did Perks survive, so did his road grader. Just hours later, he was back in the firefight.

On Tuesday, authorities issued a burn ban across several counties in northern Oklahoma, forcing residents to evacuate. The fire, which began just outside of Freedom, Oklahoma, was about 2-3 miles at it’s widest point, according to The Wichita Eagle. By Tuesday evening, the length of the fire had expanded to 15 miles.

There were no immediate reports of injuries.

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