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(TULSA, Okla.) — Sirens screamed and a funnel cloud loomed as several tornadoes reportedly touched down around Oklahoma on Wednesday evening.

The worst damage was reported near Tulsa, Oklahoma, where four tornadoes ripped roofs from houses and toppled trees and power lines, leaving nearly 5,000 homes in the region without power. Strong winds also tossed cars and trucks. ABC News meteorologist Max Golembo estimated the strength of the tornadoes to be EF-2 or possibly higher.

Spectators captured the storms and posted the incredible images and videos on social media.

Stone Canyon Tornado taken by Logan Armstrong pic.twitter.com/hvmaJbrR8r

— Rob Armstrong (@rarmstrong_rob) March 31, 2016

@NewsOn6 @CraigDay6 View from AA base at TIA moments ago pic.twitter.com/L4KiY3Pz46

— Cal Day (@CalDay2044) March 31, 2016

Officials said seven people were injured when a tornado touched down and lifted up numerous times through the northern Tulsa and Owasso areas.

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