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(NEW YORK) — Forget looking for brightly colored eggs in patches of grass, or even sprinting at full speed for some sweets.

Around the U.S., there are some Easter egg hunts, in honor of the Christian holiday, that went above and beyond.

At Boise State University in Idaho, one student built a robot called the “Turtlebot” to dole out eggs. Kids were encouraged to run around the school’s blue turf to search for eggs at its “Easter Egg Hunt on the Blue” event, held on Saturday.

Easter egg hunt on the blue! Student built robot has its ears on. #boisestate pic.twitter.com/YvOKc0pmZP

— BSU Advancement (@BSU_Advancement) March 26, 2016

Turtlebot on The Blue #boisestate Easter egg hunt pic.twitter.com/4qZgqycG3p

— BSU Advancement (@BSU_Advancement) March 26, 2016

And at City of Life Church in Kissimmee, Florida, candy seemed to be falling from the sky Saturday. On the church’s baseball field, kids not only met the Easter Bunny, but they also enjoyed a helicopter candy drop that didn’t disappoint.

Easter Egg Hunt 2.0 @COLchurch #HelicopterCandyDrop pic.twitter.com/voEeCOfhGY

— Daniel Minckler (@MinckLife) March 26, 2016

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