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(FORT WORTH, Texas) — Forget Budweiser. As far as Louis Torres is concerned, he is the king of beers. And his castle? Built of aluminum cans.

For at least two decades, something’s been brewing at his home in Fort Worth, Texas.

“I drill a hole in the bottom and then I start cutting,” Torres, 68, told ABC affiliate WFAA of his technique for cutting his beloved beer cans into aluminum adornments.

He’s proud of the thousands of beer cans that adorn his house and yard. Now retired from Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, Torres does all the drinking, and the decorating.

“Just something for me to do. I’m retired,” he told the station. “Sit at home, drink beer, and watch TV.”

But all of his ideas and visions have a beginning.

“I started on the tree, and then from there, I went up to those trees up there, and then after that I went up to the fence line,” he explained.

Torres’ house is the only one left on his block due to redevelopment, though. Now he says it’s time for a change.

“I was gonna have to go because they’re buying everything up around here,” said Torres.

The beer can builder will move from his aluminum creation in a few weeks, but he already has plans for his next property.

“All I got to say is the beer can house will be back,” he said with a laugh.

And obviously, so will his Milwaukee’s Best and Miller Light.

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