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It’s been a week filled with celebration for Granger Smith, after finding out “Backroad Song” is officially his first number one on the country chart.

“I had my wife with me because it was Valentine’s Day. That was just a coincidence. It ended up being great,” he tells ABC Radio. “I had my East Coast label rep and my brother with me, my guitar player. And we just, we yelled and we took a breath and you know, we pointed at the sky and shut our eyes and tried to get some sleep at 3 a.m.”

Granger admits that in the final moments, he doubted if hitting the top of the chart could actually become a reality.

“I wasn’t anticipating the intense battle that it took to get there. You know, amidst the battle, I’m thinking, ‘Man, this may be — I don’t think it’s going to happen. Maybe it’s not going to happen. And what if this is the last time this ever happens?’ I always kind of do these analogies with football. But it’s like going to the Super Bowl and you’re on your final drive and it’s the fourth quarter and you’re down by four and you’re driving and there’s a minute left on the clock. And you start thinking, ‘Man, if we don’t get this, we might never go back to the Super Bowl again.’ And that’s kinda where we were on the final hour. You just never know.” 

The Texas native notched his first chart topper just days before a Music City party celebrating the release of his album, Remington, which comes out March 4. Granger will have another chance to play in his own musical “Super Bowl” with his new single, “If the Boots Fits.”

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