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(WASHINGTON) — The Senate Armed Services Committee held a hearing Tuesday to discuss how the military will integrate women into combat units now that they have been allowed to serve in every capacity. But during the discussion, another issue also came up: the draft.

A number of top level military commanders testified that they were in favor of having women register to serve, including Gen. Robert Neller, the commandant of the Marine Corps.

“It’s my personal view that based on this lifting of restrictions for assignment in an MOS that every American who is physically qualified should register for the draft,” Neller said.

The Supreme Court exempted women from the Selective Service law in 1981 because of their exclusion from combat troops. But now that they have been deemed eligible for all roles, we could see Congress attempt to alter the law.

“Now with this implementation, if you can meet the standard, you are on the team no matter what MOS it is. So I highly encourage that national debate,” Under Secretary of the Army Patrick Murphy testified.

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