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(SAN FRANCISCO) — A newly-installed public urinal in a San Francisco park is a sight you “gotta go” see.

The open-air urinal can be found in San Francisco’s Dolores Park,  where MUNI trains pass by in full view. There are a few plants to give visitors some privacy, but the circular and concrete urinal is almost completely exposed and right next to the sidewalk.

The urinal’s installation, as well as the construction of other restroom facilities in the park, comes as San Francisco attempts to tackle a problem with public urination in its parks. Other restroom facilities were also built in Dolores Park.

According to Marc, a San Francisco resident, the urinal was “enjoyable” for him, but that’s because he said he’s not a shy person.

“The open-air urinal was quite a pleasant experience,” he told ABC News Sunday. “There was no line, although I had to wait for a lady who was taking a picture of it.”

He also said it wasn’t in an obvious part of the park and he preferred its level of exposure, because if it offered more privacy “people might use it for other purposes.”

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