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(PHOENIX) — A Satanic group’s scheduled prayer is concerning some city officials.

Next month, “The Satanic Temple” is set to give the opening prayer at a Phoenix, Arizona council meeting. Despite some concerns from city leaders, member Stu de Haan says the members are agnostics or atheists and don’t actually believe in the meaning of “satanism.” They see the group as a metaphor for rebellion against tyranny.

“We’re not coming from a place of trying to stop anything,” said De Haan. “We just want to be included where everyone else is.  Now if they start picking and choosing which faiths are allowed to speak, that’s going to be problematic, because that’s unconstitutional.”
Phoenix City Attorney Brad Holm defended the city’s position and said the government could not “prefer one kind of prayer over another.”

“The United States Supreme Court has said that it’s okay,” he said. “The court said in a case that was decided less than two years ago that the government may not prescribe prayers to be recited in public meetings.”

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