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(FORT WORTH, Texas) — The attorneys representing “affluenza” teen Ethan Couch have said that they expect he will “comply with all court-imposed terms” and “successfully complete his term of probation.”

Ethan Couch arrived back in Texas Thursday morning after being arrested in Mexico a month ago.

“Now that Ethan is back in Tarrant County and will be personally present in court at the upcoming hearing on the State’s Motion to Transfer, we anticipate that the Court will lawfully transfer his probation to an appropriate Tarrant County District Court with adult criminal jurisdiction. Under the law, the transfer will become effective upon Ethan’s nineteenth birthday in April,” his attorneys Scott Brown and Wm. Reagan Wynn said in a statement released to ABC News.

“We are optimistic that, going forward, Ethan will comply with all court-imposed terms and conditions and that he will successfully complete his term of probation,” the statement read.

Ethan and his mother Tonya Couch sparked an international manhunt after he allegedly failed to appear at a court-mandated meeting with a probation officer.

Ethan Couch was put on probation in 2013 after killing four people while driving drunk.

During Ethan’s sentencing in the drunken-driving trial, a psychologist hired by the defense testified that the teen was a product of “affluenza” — a term he used to describe Ethan’s irresponsible lifestyle associated with his affluent upbringing.

Ethan had a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit on the night of the crash.

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