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(WASHINGTON) — Freed American journalist Jason Rezaian returned to the Washington Post newsroom Wednesday morning.

Rezaian, along with his wife Yegi and brother Ali, received a standing ovation at the paper’s morning editorial meeting, according to a Post spokesperson. This was Rezaian’s first visit to the newsroom since his release from Iranian prison last week.

Several journalists took to Twitter to express their excitement at their colleague’s homecoming.

Standing ovation in the Ben Bradlee Story Conference Room as @jrezaian arrives at the 9:30 meeting #jasonisfree pic.twitter.com/2xinfWQ2lY

— Andrew Heining (@andrewjh) January 27, 2016

Post reporter Jason Rezaian in front of a #FreeJason sign that has a #JasonisFree pin on it. Goosebumps pic.twitter.com/wupvbp4ncI

— Courtney Kueppers (@cmkueppers) January 27, 2016

Rezaian, 39, was one of four U.S. citizens released from Iran as part of a prisoner swap. The Tehran correspondent for the Post was accused by the Iranian government of being a U.S. spy and was imprisoned for 18 months.

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