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(NEW YORK) —  As one of the biggest blizzards to ever hit the East Coast made its way northward, the normally bustling cities of New York and Washington, D.C., became nearly deserted. Several feet of snow and high winds turned crowded streets and tourist destinations into ghost towns.

In Times Square, there were a few tourists who came out to enjoy the normally bustling destination even though all Broadway shows were canceled. Sanitation workers were out all day trying to clear the area of snow during the worst of the blizzard.

Since early this morning, Times Square Alliance Sanitation & Public Safety teams have been hard @ work.#blizzard2016 pic.twitter.com/VKeg3UBmNe

— Times Square (@TimesSquareNYC) January 23, 2016

In Washington D.C. people took up a new way of traveling on almost empty streets.

Skis might be the best way to get around #CapitolHill in the #jonasblizzard pic.twitter.com/fi7QjaEHA1

— Harriet Torry (@HarrietTorry) January 23, 2016

While the subways were still running in New York City, not all the stations were free of heavy snow. Even though this station is underground it still had its own snowbank.

Borough Hall subway station seriously cannot handle snow. pic.twitter.com/SHqLD24lvU

— Caroline McCarthy (@caro) January 23, 2016

As the snow kept piling up, a few residents showed how much work it was going to be to clear a path for cars once the storm clears the area.

What you can see from my raised wiper blades. #CapitolHill #SnowZilla #TheWinterAwakens pic.twitter.com/qNzcGw6whV

— David Heyman (@dcborn61) January 23, 2016

As of Saturday evening, 12 states had declared a state of emergency and more than 2,700 National Guard members had been put on active duty.

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