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(OAHU, Hawaii) — A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter was struck by a laser off Haleiwa Beach Park Saturday night.

The incident occured during the continued search efforts for the 12 missing Marine aviators after the collision of their military helicopters off the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii on Friday.

The Coast Guard announced the laser hit on Facebook, assuring the safety of the crew.

“The crew was not exposed and did not need to land. However they were forced to alter their search pattern to minimize the chances of being struck again and exposed,” the post said.

The Coast Guard also warned of the serious dangers lasers can pose on pilots and crew members.

“Laser can injure our crews. During nighttime missions, laser beams can also cause temporary loss of night vision, glaring and flash blindness, putting the crew members’ lives in jeopardy.Targeting a laser at an aircraft is illegal, and the public is encouraged to report this type of incident to local law enforcement.”

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