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Chris Young is following up his multi-week number-one with another song from the same writing team. The only difference is, this time the records is a duet.

“When we wrote, ‘Think of You,’ it was me, Corey Crowder, my co-producer and Josh Hoge, the same three of us that wrote ‘I’m Comin’ Over.’ And it was Corey’s idea, he was like ‘We could write this as a duet.’ And initially, we tried to get away from that. But it was so cool of a twist to write it as a duet, we kinda had to,” Chris recalls. “And then once you do that, you’re like ‘Well I guess we gotta start looking for a duet partner.’ Because it’s got to be the right person for you, it’s gotta be the right person for the song. We had kicked around several names. We hadn’t really made a decision of even who to ask first.”

But when Chris played a date in Florida with Cassadee Pope, that problem was solved.

“I was playing a show in Miami where it was like an acoustic jam, you know, multiple people on one stage. She was the first person on the stage, all the way to the left,” he remembers. “Literally before her first song was over, I was like,’This is an awesome event, this crowd is great, I’m really gonna enjoy this, but I wish this was already over so I can get up and go down there and ask her to be on this record.'”

With pipes like hers, Chris says it’s no wonder Cassadee won season three of NBC’s The Voice.

“She’s just got such a great voice. I mean a great voice!” he emphasizes. “And I really wanted her to be on the record. I was glad she said yes… really happy and that’s one of my favorite things on the record, is the duet with Cassadee.”

Fans will be able to hear Chris and Cassadee sing “Think of You” live, as she joins him for 13 dates on his I’m Comin’ Over Tour starting January 21. You can check out the lyric video for the new duet on YouTube now.

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